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A new experience
in real estate

At the service of your ambitions

As a player in the Luxembourg real estate market, The Agency brings together investors and buyers in the heart of a unique ecosystem to enable everyone to fulfil their ambitions.

Each of us nurtures different dreams. Do you want to acquire a home where you can spend happy days with your loved ones? Are you looking for investment opportunities to make your assets grow?

We are convinced that together we can make it easier for everyone’s wishes to come true.

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Our lines of business

A comprehensive approach


Uncover new investments opportunities regularly.  We connect investors who want to make their assets grow while contributing to the development of quality living spaces.  In joining our network of partners you will also benefit from personalized services for structuring and managing your assets.


You can rest assured of the value of your investments.  We carry out promotion and development operations for residential properties and buildings for offices or business activities. No effort is spared to offer quality properties of lasting value, from land valuation to the marketing of the property, to the definition and implementation of the project.

Buying and selling

Find the property that corresponds to your expectations. Most of our projects are sold on plan with the possibility of adapting your acquisition to your wishes.
Take advantage of personalized advice and support to facilitate the process and meet all your needs and requirements.

Asset management

Put your real estate assets in good hands. We will look after your properties over time, through a wide range of real estate management services, from occupant needs monitoring to rental management. We want to guarantee their best valuation and to secure optimal returns for you.

We are committed to
guaranteeing the value of your investment

Notre volonté

Quality properties

The Agency carries out projects with very high standards, from design to the completion of the finishing works.

A personalized approach

We adapt each of our properties to your expectations and supervise the works to make sure that your acquisition is perfectly in line with your aspirations.

A property with an eye to the future

Each of our properties is developed to meet the highest environmental standards and includes the latest technologies. In this way we can ensure even better their value over time.

Good places to live in

More than just wall, we provide living spaces that are in tune with society where the occupants feel good. Our advice and support takes due account of your constraints so that we can help you find the property in which you can blossom.

Lasting relationships

The Agency invests in a relationship with its clients and partners first and foremost. We ensure the highest level of satisfaction in an effort to build lasting relationships and create new opportunities for the future.

Our team

Passionate and available partners

Steeve Simonetti
Steeve Simonetti

Contact me for any questions regarding the acquisitions and the development of our projects.

Jonathan Simonetti
Jonathan Simonetti

Contact me for any questions if you our looking to buy a new property.

Maxime D’Hondt
Maxime D’Hondt

Contact me for any questions regarding the financing and investments in our projects (Luxembourg)

Join the agency club

Alone, we go faster. Together we go farther.

The Agency nurtures the commitment to advising and supporting its clients and partners over the long term so as to grow with each of them. To that end, we wish to bring together a large community of people, be they clients or investors, who share our values. The Agency Club lives on the social media, at the very heart of regularly shared newsletters or events dedicated to our partners and clients.